Ploes EPSYME (Psycho-Social Research Organization) is a Non-Governmental Organization, founded in 1998, by professionals, specialized in mental health and scientific sector customized training fields.

Now more than 140 people are employed in all its units including mental health professionals, social workers, occupational and speech therapists, special education therapists, child psychiatrists, psychologists, etc.

The activated projects and services are addressed to citizens of Piraeus and surrounding suburbs, affected by mental disabilities, psychiatric problems and autistic spectrum disorders, targeted to avoid their social exclusion.

Ploes EPSYME services are based on the principles of social psychiatry, which consider mental disabilities as a condition of multiple and complicated factors. It is our strong belief developments can be positive by using constant, appropriate and effective scientific methods of prevention and intervention. The fundamental principles of all our services and action plans derive from this approach.

Ploes EPSYME aspires to develop projects and services for prevention and social care planned and implemented with efficiency, proficient and effective methodology and with the intention to meet the multiple needs of its target group.

Ploes EPSYME has already developed self-funded services in the fields of:


PREVENTION – in collaboration with the Local Self-Administered Organizations, the Parents’ Association and other social shareholders of the region of Piraeus and suburbs.


INTERNAL TRAINING – emphasizing on training of our professionals on the latest techniques and approaches for effective interventions.


SOCIAL CARE – by developing Therapeutic Units, Integration Services, Social circles, etc.

Ploes EPSYME provides services funded by European Social Fund and National Fund resources, such as:


“Ostria” is boarding house hosting 15 adolescents and adults with autistic spectrum with low functionality and self-service, funded by Athens Regional Authority for two years (2020-2022).


Day Centre for treating children with autistic spectrum disorders (K.HM.A). (European Social Fund “ΨΥΧΑΡΓΩΣ – PSYHARGOS” having the funding responsibility with National Funds acting as supportive funding (National Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity) up to 2018).


Specialized Centre of Professional Training for adult disabled people.
Funded by European Social Funds.


Developed actions of intervention and integration, such as the “ΣΧΕΔΙΑ” Social Club for people with mental disorders.


Diagnostics and Therapeutics Units for prevention and psychosocial rehabilitation of children and adult mental disorders developmental delays, mental retardation, and other disorders.
Funded by Insurance Organizations, Grants, Donations, etc)


Day Center for Adolescents address to young people grew up in institutional places intending to be an open place for cultural and informative interventions to community, funded by National Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity.


Two innovative Adolescent Shelter Facilities for 12-18 years old children accomplishing the need of transition on a new era, where deinstitutionalization will consist the main approach for social inclusion.


Vocational Training, Mental Health named “Katarti”, offers training courses and seminars in dedicated fields of mental health by certified trainers, both for the general population and for those with special needs.


Day Care Centre, for adolescents and adults in the autistic spectrum funded by Athens Regional Authority for three years (2017-2020) aided by the financial support of the European Union.

Ploes EPSYME recognises the need of creation of new ideas, as one of the most important and viable ways to surpass the economic crisis. As a result, she takes the following actions:


Ploes EPSYME is a CO-founder of the social enterprise “The garden of hope”, which goal is to integrate people with disabilities into the labour market, mainly in the primary sector through the production of agricultural products and various services in cooperation with external partners.


Supports the work of social enterprise “Rota”, based in the western suburbs of Piraeus, and aims at the socialization, prevention and treatment of vulnerable social groups.

Last but not least, Ploes EPSYME has recently created the Research and Development department thus entering the field of European projects management. We are participating in two projects:

Easy Cooking

“Easy Cooking” as a partner organisation

Alive & Kicking

“Alive and Kicking” as a leader organization.

Last but not least, E.PSY.ME. a few months now has created a new department, which manages the European projects. We are participating in two projects:


“Easy cooking” as a coordinator of “Margarita”


“Alive and Kicking: program for intellectual disability” as a leader organization.

Our goals are supported by

Panhellenic Association of Professional Footballers

Panhellenic Association of Professional Basketballers

Hellenic Association of Veteran Basketball Players

Baker Master

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